Cancellation and warranties: 

Cancellation: In the event of cancellation of the order, both parties to the contract must return the goods or services received and the benefits derived from it (eg interest). If the received goods or services cannot be returned in full or in part or their condition has deteriorated, you must reimburse us for the difference in value. This does not apply if the product is damaged simply by inspecting and checking it, as is the case in a regular store. In other cases, you can avoid damages if you do not use the product as your property and do not take any action that could reduce the value of the product. Money paid for returned goods will be refunded within 30 days from the date of dispatch of the order cancellation. 

You must pay the return costs if the delivered product corresponds to the order (ie if you received the product you ordered) and if the price of the returned item does not exceed 1500 euros or if the price of the product is higher, but at the time of cancellation the contract you have not paid the agreed installment. 

 The right of cancellation does not apply goods which have been manufactured to the specifications provided by the customer or which have been unambiguously manufactured to suit individual needs or, if the nature of the goods makes them impossible to return because they are perishable or have expired, goods that are ordered according to the customer's order goods which meet all the requirements specified by the manufacturer and which have been operated. audio or video recordings or software, if you have already unpacked and used these data carriers, newspapers, magazines and other illustrated presses. 

 Warranty and service

Warranty: All equipment offered in the product catalog is guaranteed for 12/24 months against defects in production materials and assembly, provided that the following conditions have been met: the installation has been used for its intended purpose in accordance with the instructions in the user manual; the installation has not been repaired by persons not authorized to do so and who do not have the appropriate qualifications; the installation or individual parts are naturally worn out during normal operation. The warranty period starts from the date of the VAT invoice. The guarantee is valid only in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania. Applications for warranty repairs are submitted by e-mail. By mail [email protected] The application must include the date of purchase, invoice number, serial number of the installation and year of manufacture, a detailed description of the problem, if possible, and a photo of the location of the breach. It is necessary to indicate the contact telephone number and e-mail address of the applicant. Depending on the capabilities of the service department, the applicant will be informed of the possible time for resolving the problem. Warranty repairs, depending on the fault, can be carried out at the installation site or the installation will be delivered to the warranty service. The product catalog does not compensate for installation downtime. The warranty period is extended for as long as the machine or tool is under warranty repair. The warranty does not apply when: the installation has failed due to improper use, improper storage in accordance with the instructions of the user manual, excessive delay in information about failure, neglect, improper or poorly performed preservation and use of unsuitable materials for preservation; the installation failed due to mechanical, chemical, thermal damage caused by external forces and factors; the installation failed due to the installation of incorrect parts and additional equipment; the installation failed due to damage that occurred earlier and was not remedied in a timely manner.

All repair work performed by unauthorized persons during the warranty period of the installation cancels any warranty obligations of the product catalog The warranty is no longer valid if, without the written consent of the service department, the installation has been independently repaired, recycled to perform functions for which it is not intended, and structural changes are made that affect the operation of the installation. 

Service: We perform warranty and post-warranty service and repair of our equipment for sale. If you have any questions about the operation of the equipment, a service representative can consult you by phone. The required part can be delivered through the parcel service. If the problem cannot be resolved by remote consultation, it is possible to call a service technician to the installation site or take the installation to a warranty service.